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  Pay onboard currently available on the following ships:
Western Union quick collect (Blue form)
  Western Union offers a convenient way to pay your ticket. Please visit the Western Union Website for payment instructions or to locate the office nearest to you. If you send money from a Western Union branch office, please provide the following Receiver information in Section 1 of the form used to send money:
First Name: Othmar
Last Name: Hehli
City: Miami
State: Florida

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  We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card. Please scan or copy the front and back of your card and handwrite both the card number and expiration date along with the current billing address for the account. Sign your name and state the amount you are authorizing us to charge. Fax this information to us at: 305-715-9632. For security reasons, the name of the person traveling must match the name on the card.
Money order
  Please include name of traveler as well as ID and mail to: Europe USA Travel 6950 NW 77th Ct. Miami FL 33166 Please allow one week for delivery. Europe USA is not responsible for Money Orders or Cashiers checks lost in mail.